What Drew Me To Medicine Keeps Me Alive

This blog is from Tim Martindale, a friend and family physician in Waco, Texas. He is a former minister who went back to school to become a family doc.  For seven years, I drove past his office every day on the way to work.  This July, his son will start a family medicine residency.

” This is a paragraph I wrote on a physician website in response to the question of whether I am frustrated with medicine today, or at risk of burnout:

What drew me to medicine keeps me alive at 55.

Every decade there are new changes, paradigm shifts, governmental intrusions, insurance games… but none of them change the basic tenets of why I love medicine.

I get to make lives better, explore the endless universes that are people, be privy to the most challenging times of human experience.

I get to keep learning, keep changing and adapting, use and train my brain for ever-evolving understandings and circumstances.

I get an income through hard work that feeds and cares for my family, all while being given honor and respect and leadership in my community.

So are there hard times of change, shifting rules of success, moments of exasperation and exhaustion? Absolutely. But that’s everywhere in life, and we’re overcomers.”

-Tim Martindale, MD.

Waco, Texas

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